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โฃFr. James Altman: "we should crush like the vermin that they areโ€”and they areโ€”every filthy school board member or teacher who tries to shove their mentally ill tranny freak show down the throats of our precious children."

Update from JSF:

Alex and others posted their reason for Tucker's firing. Here is mine, and all the reasons you see are probably trueMY REASON: Because we are headed into the final war period and Tucker was a loose cannon. "They", and you ought to know by now who "they" are, want to control the narrative. "They" can't have someone like him out there telling the truth from such a prominent post. "They" want everyone playing off the same sheet of music, and they know damn well it's the song of deception. "They" can't "win" with the truth constantly poking them.That's out of the way, now here is what is important at this time:Never support this war. It will not be a righteous war. And a little verse of scripture, perhaps the most important scripture in the bible now:

Revelations 21:8 "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

Let's dissect that

1. The fearful - those who can be conned into taking a shot that contains the mark of the beast. The bible does not say it is a shot, but it does say "he causeth all, strong and weak, free and bond to receive a mark" and that's probably why the fearful are going down. They'll run and get the shot that puts the mark IN, NOT ON, the right hand or forehead. And with DNA tech a shot to the arm can do that.

2. The unbelieving - Practically all the religions have a God theme but it is going to be best to be in one of the Abrahamic faiths. That's Christianity, Islam, Jew. And the Jews are going to have trouble. But I also would not be surprised if some of the other religions qualify even though they don't quote Abrahamic scripture, I doubt God is going to trash them just because of cultural circumstance. The question might be: Do you believe in God, and are you good or bad.

3. The abominable - This is obviously gay, trans, animal, satanism, pornographers, molesters and other things pointless to mention that don't fall in a specific category but are bad by any standard, not just cultural standard.

4. Murderers - let's be clear here - having a spirit compass so small that you'd actually draw a bead on someone and pull the trigger just because CNN said you should qualifies as murder, there are many accounts of highly spiritual people who had to fight wars seeing demons running all over the battle field and immediately taking those who killed someone and subsequently got killed straight to hell. War does not qualify unless it is on your turf and you are being attacked and actually defending your family directly. You have a right to self defense obviously but at this point I think I'd be shooting feet so they live, not blowing brains out to boot, just to stay out of a gray area. Obviously you don't go to foreign shores and kill people, even via remote. Never support a war, even if it is not you doing the killing.

5. Whoremongers needs no explanation.

6. Sorcerers and idolaters needs no explanation.

7. Liars - Seems to me a certain tribe is in a LOT OF TROUBLE. That tribe thinks it is going to skate on all the murder and abominations stuff just because they tricked others into killing each other for them and into being abominable. Or tricked people into taking a shot that ruined them and delivered the mark of the beast. Or ruined nations by lying about who won elections. All they see is that "God will deliver and destroy all nations for them, so they can reign supreme". But the scriptures say ALL LIARS, which means ALL, go into the lake of fire.

The bible does not say "But those who lied to destroy nations because they are my chosen" or "those who only lied to those who are not my chosen" will be fine. The bible does not say "those who tricked others into being abominable will be fine because they were not partaking in those abominations. "All liars" means ALL. The tribe is not going to get to skate away from everything it caused.

If you avoided the MRNA shot, KUDOS, because you were not fearful enough to be taken by evil. Seems there actually WERE big problems with CanSino (China's vax) too, most likely all the shots were tainted. Good job avoiding that. A first washing. You got past the "fearful" part, now what about the rest? Get to work.

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