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In the year 1346 a Mongol Golden Horde army attacked and besieged the Venetian colony city of Feodosia in modern-day Crimea. While besieging the city many of the Mongol soldiers fell ill and died from an unknown illness. The Mongols then decided to then catapult the corpses into the city hoping that the unknown illness would spread to the Venetians. At some point through merchant ships the illness reached Central Europe. The jewish communities in Europe noticed this illness and did everything possible to spread it wide and far(i.e. well poisoning). As time passed Europeans began to notice that the jewish quarters were completely unaffected by what became to be known as the "Black Death" In 1348 as tensions between Europeans and jews increased a pogrom was carried out in the city of Toulon, France and many more followed in other European cities. On February 14th 1349 after a local official in the city of Strasbourg had been deposed for protecting the jews an angry mob stormed the jewish quarter and over 1k jews were dragged in to the street and burned to death, resulting in the entire jewish population of Strasbourg being wiped out. While the pogroms did not stop the Bubonic Plague, many Europeans were freed from their debts due to the deaths of thousands of jewish merchants.
I think it was always the Jews and the plague was another made up sickness like the COVID SCAM!! I think it was always Jewish well poisoning!!
Of course, I would be remiss in not reminding you of this posting: THERE'S A TERRIFIC FERRIS WHEEL SCENE 🎡💉☠⚰ IN 'THE THIRD MAN' YA OUGHTTA SEE, GOYIMZES

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