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Europa The Last Battle [bonus content] Part 11 ☭ Operation: TRUST [DECEPTION]

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Source: ⁣⁣OH MY GOD -

Europa: the Last Battle - All 10 Parts - Complete Documentary / Film ... [page is in German; translated below]

⁣Operation Trust, Q and Psychological Warfare

fabio ( 68 )
in #german • 2 years ago (edited)

⁣To get straight to the point: iS "Q" I am and will remain agnostic. That's the nice way of saying "I can't see through it". Up until a few weeks ago, I didn't even know that boards like 4Chan also give you unique IDs so you can track whether a specific "Anon" keeps posting on a specific topic. I never understood the actual Q-Drops myself. An acquaintance of mine says, for example, that the first 400 drops were "real" and then not anymore. Possible. At least I've known since the beginning of November 2020, 3 years after the first Q Drops, that there are definitely people in US military circles who see the threat posed by world communism (whether more classically Chinese or as a "Great Reset" packaged for Western tastes) at least as seriously as I do. Rich Higginsis such an example [ ⁣ ], but of course above all General Mike Flynn , who talked about an army of "Digital Soldiers". In between, I even thought it likely that Flynn could be that "Q". Now I think it's only conceivable.

With the swearing in of China Joe Biden, everything related to Q Anon is considered "debunked", since there was at least obviously no ingenious master plan to prevent this.
An article has been circulating on the internet for days that puts Q Anon in the Champions League of historical, conspiratorial, manipulative master plans, albeit on the side of the opponents, from the Anons' point of view: "Amazing resemblance between Q-Anon and a PsyOp from the

1920s called Operation Trust"

The author suggests that Q-Anon quieted and sidelined angry Trump supporters as they sat on their couches with popcorn on their laps and waited for Q and his white hat hackers to see the pro-Communist coup by Biden and the whole Stop the Deep State and send the bad guys to Guantanamo, which has obviously not happened to anyone so far.

I would say: touché.

I noticed that the article almost only brings Q statements that have been made since 2018, but as I said, I understand too little of the subject and the actual Q postings. In any case, this American, who has dealt very intensively with the actual Q posts, still believes in the existence of Q (German dubbing):

" Is Q a Psy-Op? Operation Trust? Source? "
Regardless of the question of what exactly is hiding behind the whole Q story, I was thrilled that the author reported on "Operation Trust" and used Anatoly Golitsyn as a source. - thumbnail

"Operation Trust" is indeed a paragon of intelligence operations. Anyone who wants to know to what extent western secret services were already infiltrated by communists in the 20s and 30s and how much the secret services of totalitarian regimes are superior to western ones, since they act unscrupulously messianically instead of "democratically legitimate", should study this "operation Trust" to heart. The works of Anatolyi Golitsyn/Golizyn are a "must read" in terms of "communist long-term strategy".

Luckily there is a short and entertaining way to complete this degree by reading the booklet "Deception - The Invisible War Between the KGB and the CIA" by Edward Jay Epstein

"Do you know about the Trust?

I looked blankly at him. I had never heard of the Trust


"If you want to understand Soviet deception, you have to

go back to the Trust. It is the prototype." He added, as he

walked to his parked Mercedes, "Talk to the Rock. He knows more
about the Trust than anyone else outside of Russia."

Golitsyn "Perestroika Fraud" is available here:

Including this comment: ⁣Also, I don't know if I should believe the theory that Q is a planned PsyOp emanating from the state itself. While it sounds plausible, I don't see why there couldn't be a left-wing individual/group behind Q who was trolling the whole thing.
By the way, I just saw this video, which also gives examples of incorrect predictions from 2017:

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