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This is the hidden enemy in our midst. This is the child eater cannibal race and their control systems.

This is who tortures 5000+ of our children to death for ADRENACHROME every month.

This is your government. This is the hidden hand behind every government. Governments created by men is the practice of Jewmasonry. This encompasses all countries that operate under Jewmasonic Maritime Admiralty legalism. If you have a legal system then you are under the control of Jewmasonry, PERIOD, no exceptions to that rule.

The cult of the Edomite/Canaanite/Babylonian/Khazarian Jews, the people's of Nimrod the giant Nephilim who was killed by King Og the Rephaim in the 100,000 Giant War; the serpent seed of Nimrod.

The Synagogue of Samael/Lilith.

Nimrod, the offspring of the bloodline of Cain, the 1st born of Samael/Lilith, was considered to be a god, which is a word that means ruler & law giver, he was the god of Babylon, whereas, Samael/Lilith are the GOD (dual male/female serpent) of this earthly realm. The Living Truth, the Father of the ALL, is something far beyond these little gods.

Nimrod was hated for his defiling of the perfect body in creation by being the very first to circumcise himself and command that all the males in His Kingdom be circumcised upon birth and his practice of child sacrifice done in hidden places, the drinking of the blood and eating of children.

Ancient Edomite/Canaanite/Babylonian/Khazarian/Jewish Scroll on Reptilian Viper Skin.
2nd scroll,

Jewmasonry, the brotherhood of the snake/serpent/Samael/Lilith. The Synagogue of Nimrod.
This murderous and hateful cult goes all the way back in time to the beginning.

(Indeed the 33rd degree requires the Masonic Initiate to re-promulgate the symbols revealed to them so far. This is to test the initiates understanding of the meaning behind them. If he has properly understood what has been taught him, he will use those symbols - but transmuted into new form - to create a new order, religion, state, or institution founded by himself and based on his interpretation of the doctrine. If this effort is successful he becomes a "Free and Accepted Jewmason").

These are the people who have shaped the world in their own evil image, the builders or changers of the natural world.

These are the people who create countries and governments and legal system and religions.

These are the children of Samael/Lilith. Edomite/Canaanite/Babylonian/Khazarian/Jews, that say they are the chosen people of the Serpent, the Serpent Seed.

A small sampling of 33rd Degree Jewmasons and their Crafts/Witch-craft/Kabbala:

All members of every Royal Family, Child torture and child sacrifice. - Grand Masters.
George Washington - 33rd Degree - Nimrod worshiper - The Apotheosis exalting him as if he was a god surrounded by many Roman gods and deities - a Satanist. America was created by European Jewmasons.
Charles Darwin - 33rd Degree – “Theory”, (not fact and therefore not science, only a theory), of evolution. Self proclaimed Luciferian. -
Albert Einstein - 33rd Degree - "Theory" of relativity, (not fact and therefore not science, only a theory), -
Johann Adam Weishaupt - 33rd Degree - Bavarian Illuminati -
William Wynn Westcott, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers - 33rd Degree - Golden Dawn. -
Spencer Lewis - 33rd Degree - Rosecrution Order -
Lord Palmerston - 33rd Degree -Palladian Rite -
Edward Bullwer-Lytton - 33rd Degree - Asiatic Brehtren -
Jamal al-Din al-Afghani - 33rd Degree - Salafi Islam -
John Yarker - 33rd Degree -Theosophy -
Baha Ullah - 33rd Degree - Baha'i Faith -
Prince Hall - 33rd Degree - Prince Hall Masonry -
Pascal Beverly Randolph - 33rd Degree - Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor -
Carl Kellner - 33rd Degree - Egyptian Rite -
Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff - 33rd Degree - Thule Society -
Hassan al Banna - 33rd Degree - Muslim Brotherhood -
Joseph Smith - 33rd Degree - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints -
Charles Taze Russell - 33rd Degree - Watchtower Society -
Rob Morris - 33rd Degree - Order of the Eastern Star -
Allen Dulles - 33rd Degree – ODESSA -
Aleister Crowley - 33rd Degree - Ordo Templi Orientis -
Lafayette Ronald Hubbard - 33rd Degree – Scientology.

And the list goes on and on and on. Anyone that achieves success in this world you can bet is a member of this ancient cult or brotherhood of the serpent.

They are the serpent seed which now have their main seat of world control located in Switzerland. They are the royals, the bloodline of the Nephilim, and the Edomite/Canaanite/Babylonian/Khazarian/Jews are the infiltrators or foot soldiers, hybrid reptiles, for the Swiss royals.

Ever wonder why so many global corporations like the WHO, UN, WEF, big pharma, big tech and CERN, banking, and the likes are all located in Geneva Switzerland? Well, now you know why.

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