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Elon says what we all should: "Why shouldn't I call out an UTTER SCUMBAG like Daddy Soros?!?"

The identity of the hero who stopped a psychopath's reign of terror on the New York subway has been revealed.

Daniel Penny not only did nothing wrong - he did everything right.

This is the dividing line between those who would uphold civilization, and those who would destroy it.

The Anti-White mob has already assembled, and calls for his death are all over social media and in the streets.

This is a Kyle Rittenhouse moment, and anyone who won't stand up for Daniel Penny is the enemy of everything good. - thumbnail

Neely's funeral is set for today...and the race pimps habs whipped out the best platform shoes, zoot suits and walking sticks

Too bad the WRECKING CRüE is on-point, dismantling yore pathetic (((psyop))) at every opportunity

The FBI and DOJ restricted two investigations into Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election:

1) The Clinton Foundation investigation
2) Illegal foreign contributions to the Clinton Campaign
"No investigative activities occurred for months"
According to an FBI CHS in early 2016, the Clinton Campaign was "fully aware" of and "ok with" a foreign contribution in violation of federal law.
The FBI agent didn't get receipts - and asked the source to stay away from the Clinton campaign.
Recall that Carter Page was also caught in the middle of “Crossfire Hurricane”? Criminal former FBI director James Comey, who ended by getting fired
by President Trump had his hands all over Carter Page being drug through the mud by corrupting the FISA warrant process:
The Carter Page FISA was submitted under intense pressure from the FBI leadership.
FBI Director James Comey, in particulary, wanted the Carter Page FISA - badly.
Comey to McCabe: "Where is the FISA, where is the FISA?"
FBI leadership was so concerned about what its agents were finding about the Steele memos that they ordered:
"no more memos were to be written"
Do not "document any recommendations, context, or analysis"
FBI Deputy Asst Director for Counterintelligence, Dina Corsi -
Ordered the FBI team "not to write any more memoranda or analytical pieces"
Corsi was speaking for FBI leadership.
The FBI paid Steele primary subsource Igor Danchenko a total of $220K.
The FBI - after it learned Danchenko lied to them, and during the Durham investigation - proposed future payments of $300K.
Payments that would have kept Danchenko under wraps.

⁣White victims
1982-Dawn Olanick in NJ- beaten to death
1984-Wendy Jerome in NY-undetermined
1991-Jessica Keen in Ohio-strangled
1994-Stephanie Hummer- beaten to death
1995-Tracie McBride in Tx- beaten to death
1999-stephanie nieman in Ok- shot
1999-Tracie Hawlett, and J.B. Beasley
2003-Melissa Autry in Ky - burned to death
2004-Andrea Nance in Ohio - burned to death
2005- megan Holden in Tx - shot
2006-Imette St. Guillen in NYC - strangled
2007- Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Tn -shot, burned, suffocated
2007-pregnant Jessica Davis in Ohio - beaten to death
2007-Kayla Fanaei in Al - shot
2008-Eve Carson in NC - shot
2008-Lauren Burke in Al - shot
2008-Anne Pressly in Arkansas - beaten to death
2008- Meghan Landowski in Va - stabbed to death.
2008-Jessica Hawk in La (Louisiana) - stabbed
2009-Morgan Harrington in Va - beaten to death
2009-David Metzler and Heidi Childs in Va-shot
2011-pregnant Brittany Eldridge in Tn - strangled
2012-autumn Pasquale in NJ- strangled
2013-Colleen Ritzer in Ct - strangled
2014-Hannah Graham in Va - strangled
2014-Margaret Daniels in - strangled
2014-Jessica Chambers in Ms - burned to death
2015-Heather Maples in Tn - strangled
2016-Katrina Vetrano in NYC - strangled
2017-Kelsey Tennent in Ok - strangled
2018-lauren mccluskey in Ut. - shot
2019-Tessa Majors in NYC - stabbed
2019-Kayla Chapman in Wa. - shot
2019-Samantha Josephson in SC- stabbed
2020-Jessica Whitaker in In. - shot
2020- Madison Harris in Ms.- shot
2020- Cannon Hinnant - shot
2020- Veronica Baker in NC - shot
2020- father/step daughter in SC -shot
2020-Dedrea Duncan in Co.
2020-Jordan Stephens- shot in front of his wife
2020- Lynn Marie Maher-shot
2020- Kaitlyn Coffman- shot
2020- Courtney Kelley- shot
2020- Ee Lee - beaten to death
2021- Victoria rose smith- beaten to death
2021- Kelly Curran-shot
2021- Tim Thompson-shot
2021- Andrea Camps Lacayo- shot
2021- Christine Englehardt
2021- Lucia Bremer- shot
2021- Texas trooper Chad walker—shot
2021- daisy Paulsen in North Dakota—beaten/stabbed/strangled
2021–Michigan parade attack
2022-pregnant Liese Dodd
2022–Eliza Fletcher
2022–Alison Parker
2022–Allison Rice- shot 10 times in Louisiana
2023– Keris L. Riebel- stabbed
2023– Tori Banks - shot
2023- Kay Johnson - shot
2023–Michael John Mammone - stabbed
2023–Kay Johnson - shot
2023-Leah Pritchard
4/4/23-Layla silvernail
4/4/23-Camille quarrels
5/1/23-Lauren Heike —stabbed in Az
5/3/23-pregnant Anastasia Gilley in alabama
5/3/23-Gracie A. Sasso-Cleveland in Illinois

ALL white, ALL murdered by blacks, NO charges of Hate crimes, NO riots, NO looting, NO towns burning, NO protesters.

No Asian, Latino, or Native Americans, also Burned-Looted-Murdered anyone for these victims

⁣🚨BREAKING🚨FBI whistleblower testifies under oath that FBI won’t allow 11,000+ hours of J6 footage to be released b/c it would expose undercover agents committing crimes inside CapitolNot only was J6 a Fed setup, but now it’s confirmed that FBI is also covering its tracks
DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) May 18, 2023

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