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Brian Regan ๐Ÿซ Stupid in School

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โฃHis delivery of โ€œmoosenโ€ is the most underrated punchline ever. Everyone expects โ€œmeese,โ€ and he drops that gem. The master of curveballs, Brian Regan

"โฃAlright kids backs against the wall. It's time for public humiliation"
That's the most underrated line in this video

โฃโ€œWell, what do you have there, Brian?โ€
โ€œIt's a cup of dirt.โ€
โ€œWell, explain it!"
"It's a CUP with DIRT IN IT. I call it 'cup of dirt'โ€

โฃThe "cup of dirt" thing had me rolling. A long time ago, on a visit to Fenway Park, my brother reached over the railing of the stands and filled a paper cup with dirt from the warning track on the field. He kept this cup of dirt -- later transferred to a jar -- as a souvenir of his visit to the ballgame. He was proud of it. Years later, after his untimely death, I came across his jar of dirt among his personal affects, and I kept it.

I don't know why. It was just a jar of dirt.
Or maybe it was something else.

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