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Booker T Calls Out Hulk Hogan๐Ÿ“ฃ

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Booker T has hit out at Hulk Hogan's controversial comments about COVID-19 vaccines and how they may have resulted in the deaths of celebrities recently.
In a now-deleted reply on a Facebook post, Hogan alleged that actors Betty White and Sidney Poitier died after getting their COVID-19 shots.
WWE legend Booker T hit back at Hulk Hogan's recent controversial comments, in which he disputed Hogan's theory. He said that he didn't have any respect for those who made such inane comments.
"It's amazing some of the stuff people say when they just don't know. I really don't have a whole lot of respect for someone saying something like that, especially when they have no idea what happened to this person or not. Just what we are in the world today. Dammit, it could just be getting old," said Booker T.
The Hall of Famer also told his co-host Brad Gilmore to "pull" him back if he said something "stupid and radical" as Hogan did.
"If you ever find me in that place where I'm saying something stupid and radical, please, I beg you to pull me back because I think that's got a lot to do with a lot of these old guys going out and saying a lot of stupid stuff. I really do," said Booker T.
He also advised his listeners not to take medical advice from professional wrestlers.
"You definitely don't want to be listening to a professional wrestler about your medical problems going on (laughs). I just don't think that's wise," said the two-time Hall of Famer.
Hulk Hogan has never been far away from controversy
Tyler Conway @jtylerconway
"Hulk Hogan is against being injected and Kane is anti-mask
whatโ€™s next? finding out Stone Cold doesnโ€™t even like beer?"
Hulk Hogan has been at the center of controversy throughout his career, which began in the 70s.
He was a central figure in WWE's steroid trials in the 90s and more recently went head-to-head with media house Gawker.
Hogan was also removed from the WWE Hall of Fame for racist comments that he made but was brought back into the fold in 2018.
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