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There's a new twist in the viral Citi Bike confrontation that saw a New York City healthcare worker get into a heated argument with a group of young Black men: Her lawyer said she did pay for the bike, and has the receipts to prove it.

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The initial incident: NYC Health + Hospitals: Health care provider on leave after bike fight
There is fallout from a dispute over a Citi Bike involving a hospital worker.

Mhm...was just about to punch out...and then this came in

Let's re-post that e-bike shite once moar, frens 🚲📲🧾:

the nyc niggers have been using citibike to run scams for years now ever since the service was started.

they started off using the qr scam then when the media started covering it they evolved their tactics to grabbing the qr's from the bikes and waiting nearby until someone approaches then trying to unlock before the approaching party can, so they can bait situations like the karen incident to try for easy targets for assaults and robberies

they've pulled the same shit in a lot of places with the bikes, nyc, miami, same shit with the orlando bike share program, and the electric scooters

I hope you are grokking the White shame and guilt' narrative that the (((homosexual banking mafia))) is using to brainwash you all into NOT FIGHTING BACK

Trust me - if you DON'T...what's coming is MUCH WORSE 🫣

A quick Manhattan transfer into media collusion...remember that word:

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