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⁣Would it shock you to learn that babies might have been sold as PRODUCTS during the Victorian era? Explore these postcards from the early 1900s that seem to unfold a very particular narrative - these children are up for sale... At first glance, it might appear as a quirky art collection, but as you delve deeper and connect the symbolism to alternative history narratives, their chilling message comes to light.
Source: Mind Unveiled on YouTube
If you watched the 5-6 hour EWARANON video, you'll recall that it began with desolate cities and 'orphan trains'...the mudfloods have something to do with this story; watch this space!
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If you keep doing that you are gonna skin your butt! Rut ro! Too late!🏍💥😳
Pregnant woman twerking on stage with a broken arm gets beat by boyfriend - Guess who?
Man tries to stop a 25,000 lb rolled steel coil coming at him. He gets smushed.💥😳
I always root for the bull. Put your pants back on dude.💥🐂
Man On Fire Hollywood Production. Was It To Warn Us Of What Is Coming?
Following the recipe can be difficult at times...ROFL 😳🤣🤣
Welcome to my crib she says...
Pre-Egyptian Technology That Was Left By An Advanced Civilization That Disappeared🛸👽
David put Goliath to sleep. Size can be deceiving.
3000 Mummies Found In A Kentucky Cave
Just when I thought I had seen it all - Woman wheels corpse into a bank to sign for a loan.💰⚰🪦 😳
I guess this happening is just one of the hazards of being a porn star.😳
Caught on camera: Is this the soul leaving a body? I will let you decide if this is what is shown.
These DUMB NPCS CANNOT Answer EXTREMELY Simple Questions!
Mummies, Giants. Tunnels and a Tomb on a farmers land in Ohio? Whoa
Cop to prisoner being frisked: "Whats this right here?"..."That's my penis"🚔👮🐷😳🤣🤣
Looks and sounds like a possessed Meth Zombie Mermaid to me🧜🧟‍♂️😳😳
So if you are on the fake station and there is no gravity, how do you drop something?🚀 👨🏼‍🚀🤣🤣
The Caucasian Shepherd is the ultimate guardian dog - Also known as the wolf killer.🐶
Iron Dome Fails Again, Drones Set Israel’s Biggest Oil Refinery On Fire!
Land Whale contaminates the pool. 😳😳
One way to deal with annoying YouTubers
The 4 most powerful words you can ever say to a cop...Oink Oink.🚔👮🐷
They call him "The one punch man" he will take you out👊💥👊💥😳🤣🤣
DEI hire? Female pilot has meltdown so bad 20 people exit the plane in fear
Road rage. Guy drops two dudes with one punch. Wow.
Strange Types Of People Are Beginning To Appear All Over The World
The owner of the car "Oh, yeah, I've done it dozens of times."...crunch. What a dumb ass💥😳🤣🤣
Did you know that 80% of severe spinal cord injuries occur in men?🤣🤣💥😳
It's drugs. It has to be the drugs.
Everything they have taught us is a lie. The bullshit that is "Stonehenge"🐂💩
CCTV catches a woman that says what she did was just a prank🚍💥😳
THE BLACK AWAKENING: Rise of the satanic super soldiers and the coming chaos. (Free pdf download)
The only thing I can say about this is...there are some really stupid people out there.
I have never seen a wrestling move like this one...must be the "Uranus Butt Drop" move💥😳🤣🤣

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