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⁣37 Minutes Of Karens Getting Arrested..[VfB here - note the attempt in framing the Overton window?!? 🖼]

@Ian Bell groks this:
This is video, shows how they use these methods, in which they mix normal human opinions, and views, and mix them in with crazy people, so that we all subconsciously, think that those absolutely understandable views, (and are from people who are able to critically think), are simply nuts.
I would guess, the maker of this video, is a paid social manipulator. Watch out, in future, for this type of social conditioning material.

Welcome to Fantastic Freakouts, In our videos we cover how people act in a public manner and most of the time things go a little too far and we attempt to show you the behind the scenes footage that no ones has seen on YouTube.

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Karens Who Got What They DESERVED.. #20
Karens Who Got What They DESERVED... #20
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Karens Who Got What They DESERVED.. #22
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Amazingly, my fren Dianna Ploss come in at 13 minutes - this guy got that interaction utterly backwards - YMMV

Check out this yellow journalism from Steve Marantz:

VfB's got yore SIX😎, Dianna💐

There's no way this comment stays:
The pathetic part was that, once again, ol' Taint Devoid Timmie did JACK ALL to prep for this

How can I say that?

You explain to me why he assumed Milo had invited Ye, instead of what everyone else in the bloody world knows - Ye invited Milo

Ba fongu - and he says, 'He does work'

YOU HABS LESS THAN ZERO IDEA as to what 'work' entails, Tim

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