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3 niggers in Auburn, WA Try to Break Into Home, Immediately Discover 2nd Amendment!

AUBURN, Wash. โ€” A homeowner in Auburn fired multiple shots at three armed men attempting to break into their home early Thursday morning.

According to the Auburn Police Department (APD), officers responded to a report of a non-injury shooting at a home on the 31000 block of 117 Place Southeast around 2 a.m. Thursday. A resident at the address told responding officers three people wearing masks attempted to break into the home.

Security video from the home shows three armed men wearing masks walk up to the home, open the screen door and start kicking the door. One of the men can be heard in the video yelling, โ€œSeattle police.โ€

Two of the men continued to try and kick in the door before the third suspect was able to kick the door open. The APD said the homeowner was armed and โ€œquickly started firing shots at the intruders through the door.โ€

Multiple shots were fired before the suspects fled from the home.

The man and woman living inside the home told KOMO News the three men started shooting at their home as they were trying to escape and knocked down some of the fencing as they got away.

A neighbor who did not want to give his name said he woke up to the sound of gunfire and a bullet hit his home.

โ€œWe heard a bullet go through our window and our alarm started going off and then I just heard an exchange of gunfire just a bunch of bullets," he added.

One of the men can be seen in the video wearing a grey sweatshirt or jacket, grey sweatpants and what appear to be blue or black shoes.

Another suspect can be seen wearing black pants and a black or blue jacket. The third suspect can be seen in the video wearing brown pants and a black sweatshirt or jacket. All three of the men were wearing masks, and at least two of the men appear to be wearing gloves.

One of the homeowners said she believes it was over 20 gunshots aimed toward the house. They said theyโ€™re grateful no one was hurt but wonder what could have happened if they didnโ€™t protect themselves.

Neighbors are still in shock that this happened in an area they said is secluded.

โ€œYou assume youโ€™re safe, you assume it wouldnโ€™t happen to you and even though it didnโ€™t happen directly to me, itโ€™s close enough where we saw the impact in our living room," said the neighbor.

The video shows all three of the men were armed with a pistol.

Auburn police said itโ€™s alarming the suspects pretended to be officers as a way to get into their home.

โ€œThey try to give you that false sense of security before they try and get into your home but in this sense, they started kicking almost simultaneously and in that situation just try to put it together that this is not the police that are trying to kick in your door," said Kolby Crossley, public information officer for Auburn police.

No other suspect information has been released at this time.

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