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⁣A play on words - Tammy Cohen is one of the characters HT developed for the show, and he brilliantly transitions 'her/zir' into a role of IRL activism like you've never seen before! Go to to find out moar 😎

Just the first series of paragraphs:

Tammany Hall, or simply Tammany, was the name given to a powerful political machine that essentially ran New York City throughout much of the 19th century. The organization reached a peak of notoriety in the decade following the Civil War, when it harbored "The Ring," the corrupted political organization of Boss Tweed.

After the scandals of the Tweed years, Tammany continued to dominate New York City politics and spawned such characters as Richard Croker, who may have killed a political opponent in his youth, and George Washington Plunkitt, who defended what he termed "honest graft."

The organization existed well into the 20th century, when it was finally killed off after decades of crusaders and reformers sought to extinguish its power.

Tammany Hall began modestly as a patriotic and social club established in New York in the years following the American Revolution when such organizations were commonplace in American cities.

The Society of St. Tammany, which was also called the Columbian Order, was founded in May 1789 (some sources say 1786). The organization took its name from Tamamend, a legendary Indigenous chief in the American northeast who was said to have had friendly dealings with William Penn in the 1680s.

The original purpose of the Tammany Society was for discussion of politics in the new nation. The club was organized with titles and rituals based, quite loosely, on Indigenous lore. For instance, the leader of Tammany was known as the “Grand Sachem,” and the club’s headquarters was known as “the wigwam.”

Before long the Society of St. Tammany turned into a distinct political organization affiliated with Aaron Burr, a powerful force in New York politics at the time.


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