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Times Are Definitely Changing ‼ This Video Of An American Citizen Opposing Sending His Daughter To Die For The Elite’s Wars Has BLOWN UP, Over 1.4 Million Likes In Just A Couple Days

This is a MUST LISTEN. This has really resonated with people to explode & go this viral

“Let me get this right. You wanna pass a law to draft my daughter to send to another one of your foreign ****** wars for something you created so your arms manufacturers can make more money for your banker friends. Did I get that ****** solid right or not? Now wrong elephant breath. My daughter will not be joining the military any way, shape, or form unless it's to fight this ****** war that this government has started against its people.

See how simple that is? The very fact that you don't understand the societal ****** rules about women and children, let me school you a little bit. Now the fact of the matter is you can't make your fucking recruitment numbers because your recruiters told so many lies like, oh, yes. You get the condo on the beach when you join up. Oh, you get to start here, but we're gonna switch you to what you really want later.

And the biggest ****** up the ******, the VA will take care of you if you got hurt. Hey. The reason you can't meet the recruitment goals is because these young men have already voted with their ****** feet. They're not gonna ****** fight. And the fact that you think you're gonna get the women to fight, let me put it to you this way.

It was one thing when you oppressed us with unbelievable ****** taxes. One thing, because we were living in nice homes and still eating pretty good. It's another thing when you spied on us to the degree that you did and made us realize that we don't have any freedom. It's another thing when you not only wrecked the ****** economy, but you fucking did it in such a way where you spent so much ****** money that went to special interest groups that the people never had a chance to benefit from it. And now when you have people that are homeless eating canned goods out of the back of their ****** car?

You know what? They may do that for themselves, but they're not their kids are not gonna go through that. ******, you're gonna find out what people will do for their ****** children. You protect women and children because it's a societal norm. It has nothing to do with being sexist or unequal in any way.

The fact is you should always protect people that are weaker themselves and always stand up for the right ****** thing. And the right ****** thing here is if my daughter is gonna be in a war, she's not gonna have to go to a ****** foreign country to fight it. ****** your taxes, ****** your withholding. ****** your FEMA. ****** your IRS.

****** you. ****** your corrupt congress. ****** your corrupt presidents. ****** your entire election process. You know, I could go on forever, but let's face it.

The world's not gonna live that long before a fucking meteor solves a problem for us. So ****** you. And if anybody doesn't like what I'm saying, you know what you can do. If you do like what I'm saying, give me a hell yeah in the comments because our women aren't gonna fight a ****** war for some ****** corrupt government”

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