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⁣Rabbi calls Candace Owens an antisemite for using the term 'hag' to describe Rabbi Shmuley's daughter.
No, I am not joking.
Conservative commentator Candace Owens is openly feuding with a famous American rabbi after calling him “filth” for promoting his daughter’s line of adult products.
Owens, who claims to have been harassed by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and his daughter Chana Boteach for the past two years, responded to a post on Monday in which a user criticized the religious figure for advertising everything from lubrication to vibrators sold by his daughter.
“The unholy Rabbi Shmuley is now promoting a website that sells vibrators and butt plugs on behalf of his daughter,” Owens tweeted. “He thinks he’s somehow insulting me by doing this. FILTH.”
The rabbi shot back by accusing Owens of antisemitism, claiming that her disapproval of the sex toys had more to do with Israel than anything else.
“ANTI-SEMITE @RealCandaceO Atacked my daughters Kosher Sex Product Calling it ‘Filth,'” Shmuley said on X. “Did she say this because it happened to be made in Israel?”
Shmuley also used the opportunity to plug a discount code bearing Owens’ name that would allow customers to receive a discount from his daughter’s online store.
“Go to to get 10% off using the code ‘CandaceO,'” he added.
As noted by The Times of Israel, Chana opened a kosher sex shop in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2019.
Shmuley’s issues with Owens stem largely from her support for rapper Kanye West, who in recent years made numerous antisemitic remarks. She also feuded with Ben Shapiro over his enthusiastic support for Israel in the wake of the Oct. 7 attack.
Owens, on the other hand, described Shmuley as a “monster who has waged horrific campaigns against black and brown people in an effort to control our voices and destroy our relationships with one another.”
Shmuley insinuated over the weekend that he might bring a libel suit against Owens after the conservative “essentially said” that he “killed Michael Jackson … and that Jews run pedophile sex rings in Hollywood in order to blackmail African-American entertainers.”
In a March 7 episode of her show, Owens’ discussed Shumely and Jackson. Shmuley is intertwined in the death of Jackson, publishing a set of tapes months after he passed that sparked controversy.
Such a suit could also target Shapiro, who runs the media outlet the Daily Wire where Owens works.
“There can be no question that Candace’s serious defamation against me and the Jewish community must be met with a comprehensive lawsuit that will bankrupt her as well as Ben Shapiro,” Shmuley said.
The back-and-forth caught the attention of white nationalists such as Nick Fuentes, whose supporters have flooded X with remarks disparaging Shmuley and Jewish people altogether.
Whether Shmuley follows through with a lawsuit remains to be seen. Either way, it doesn’t appear that either Owens or Shmuley are backing down anytime soon.
Anons not buying dildos: 🍆
I know her personally... she's a HAG. Go Candace go

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