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⁣Can you say, "TERMINATOR GENE", frens?!? ☠

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Now...did this actually begin over 2 years ago?

Please be aware if you have recently purchased Producers Pride 16% mini pellet poultry food at Tractor Supply Co. We bought five bags of this at the Chillicothe, OH, store on Saturday. I have found big smelly moldy clumps of it in among the dry pellets today. Two I videoed breaking apart after finding it before feeding the waterfowl, and then another as I was scooping the bad feed out of the bin. No idea if they were from multiple bags or the same one. We would not buy damaged or open bags and we always keep our feed dry and in closed containers. We purchase and then fill the feed can and had no idea it was in among all the rest until I scooped it out this morning. It is compacted and smelly with dark wet and moldy areas. I’ve had a chicken and pigeon die since using this feed. No idea if their deaths are related to it, as there was no visible reason for it that I could see, wondering if it had been age and the cold/damp weather at the times, then disposing of them. I didn’t know of the feed mold when they were found dead in their respective coops and over the course of the past couple mornings until all chickens and pigeons had been fed and watered, the ducks and geese bowls being filled when the bad feed was found. I’ve emptied the bin and of course am not giving our flocks any more. I’ve contacted TSC via their website. Even so, I do want to make fellow friends, farmers, and flock owners aware of this so you can check your feed if you’ve also purchased it. Smiling & Waving, Sharon
Healthy, happy, well fed hens should lay lots of eggs. Let's go through this one by one starting with health. All chickens need a few things to be healthy, they need to be dewormed regularly, they need grit every day to digest their food properly, and they need lots of calcium to make eggs and their muscles need it to push the eggs out so they don't get egg bound.

The second thing to think about is nutrition, the food the eat every day. Hens need tons of animal protein to make eggs. Chickens are meat eaters. When you let them free range, they run straight to the woods to dig up bugs.

How does a chicken make an egg:

Natural deworming for chickens:

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