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⁣From the vaults of VfB comes this bit of cinematic history

George - the dumb bastards should sell you the rights back to LucasFilm, et. al., for one dollar, then drop the planned script for the actual remaining three movies [if that's actually a thing] and let JLongbone direct it...unless you'd rather finish it personally - you weren't pulling Hugh Hefner moves while directing and producing

Star Wars Deleted Magic Revisited

"Deleted Magic" is a feature-length documentary about the deleted scenes of the Star Wars trilogy, and about how the movies we know and love were made and edited together. It is taken from information, sources and home videos officially released by Lucasfilm. This project is not an official Lucasfilm project - it is an unofficial, not-for-profit research project, done in the spirit of fun by a Star Wars fan to be both informative and entertaining.

The idea is to combine all sorts of alternate, deleted and making-of footage into a full-length film that gives a better view of how the film we know as Star Wars was edited together. In addition to deleted scenes like the Biggs Darklighter material, you'll get a sense of the "Lost Cuts" of the films ... the longer edits that didn't have finished voices or effects.

Edited by Garrett Gilchrist. Original version 2005, Revisited 2009


That first Jabba scene is from the special edition with CGI slug Jabba. The original deleted scene has this fat Irish guy:

I skimmed through it to see if this scene was included (maybe I missed it):

I’m still pretty obsessed how George Lucas made star wars 77. It’s real movie magic. Shame we don’t have this level of drive and vision anymore in film directors.

This is a very interesting documentary about the making of the first Star Wars film (and to a lesser extent Empire and Jedi) including a look at some of the deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage, and notes on subtle things that you might have never seen or noticed before.

In March 2005, I created a DVD called Deleted Magic and released it for free, on a non-profit basis, on the internet. It was very popular. I’m told that Clive Young’s book Homemade Hollywood called it “The best documentary ever made on the making of Star Wars.”

In 2009, I decided to revisit the major deleted scenes of Star Wars. Most of these scenes had only been released in low quality, 12 frames per second, on CD-ROMs in the late 90s. I used the program Twixtor to generate new frames and restore these scenes to 24 frames per second – not a perfect solution during fast motion, but jaw-droppingly successful during dialogue scenes, and an improvement that is like night and day. I combined a multitude of new sources within the same frame to restore the Jabba the Hutt scene. I animated a shot of Luke and a Treadwell droid, and a shot of Ben attacking with his lightsaber during the Cantina sequence. I have restored these scenes to a quality never seen before, and placed them on this disc for you, edited into the original, unchanged Deleted Magic feature documentary from 2005. Enjoy.

Additional Notes:

A note that the special features also appear in slightly better quality than on the original Deleted Magic … ripped directly from other fine fan DVDs. The 1977 crawl does not appear this time round due to disc space (I had intended to use the version from my own Star Wars Classic Edition 2.0). Slightly different menu music this time round. You might find subtle references to two of my other fan DVD projects. The object of Deleted Magic Revisited was to recreate my original Deleted Magic DVD from 2005, but with new versions of five major deleted scenes. I had edited these scenes in 16×9 aspect ratio to preserve their quality. However, the original Deleted Magic was edited in a 4×3 aspect ratio, due to the many different sources used in the film, and the onscreen captions. So, it was impossible to place the new material into the film seamlessly. Instead, there’s an ugly jump as to another track as your DVD player switches ratios. I tried to place these switches in inconspicuous places, reediting some material from the original Deleted Magic in 16×9 to make the transitions easier. I’ve recreated the functionality of the original Deleted Magic DVD, not an easy task, as it’s a very complex DVD full of subtitles, photo galleries, many chapters and tracks, “stories”, alternate audio, different versions of things … I retyped the extra subtitles, recreated the image galleries, etc. Enjoy this new version!

Special Thanks:
Mark Johnson
Brad Cook
Peter Lopez
Jambe Davdar (Jabba the Hutt scene)

Special AltCast exclusive👍

Found an interesting article about the Phoenix event(s). @everyone

But we do not get that luxury. This object that so terrified our ancestors went by many names in antiquity, the most popular being the Phoenix. It visited and destroyed whole civilizations of humans in 4309 BCE, 2647, 2239, 1687 and 1135 BCE. It was witnessed and recorded in 721 and 583 BCE. It again returned in 31 BCE, 246 CE, 384 and 522 CE. During its next two visitations it wiped out the Mayan civilization. The Dark Ages was a period of slow to no development and the Phoenix was silent, each pass it remained deactivated.

In 1764 CE it passed again just as our Industrial Age was beginning. Millions of Europeans looked up into the sky in May and saw this vast object obscure a fifth of the sun's surface. Astronomer Hoffman studied it through a telescope. But the Phoenix did not activate, vanishing back into the vault of blackness above. Scientists were baffled for this was in defiance of the Copernican and Newtonian models, that an object that large could descend out of northern space, cross over the ecliptic plane and disappear into southern space. It was forgotten.

But it reappeared again in 1902 in the month of May, bringing with it a new comet. Anyone having known this history could have predicted its return. A fixed mathematical orbit. But in 1902 we were still in our technological infancy. Phoenix remained deactivated.

Things have changed. When it returns in May 2040 it will again reactivate. A worldwide epic cataclysm will set us back to Year 0. A new calendar will have to begin. The Vikings prophecies of the Ragnarok predicted this event, it is mentioned in the Revelation as the Sixth Seal, a sun darkening episode of quakes and rocks falling from the sky with the moon turning blood red just as Phoenix was recorded to do several times in the Early to Late Bronze Age as documented in my books and posts. The Sybilline Oracles, Old Testament prophecies, Nostradamus quatrains and even the enigmatic and highly plagiarized Mother Shipton foretold of this single catastrophic year. This is the fundamental secret about the Old World calendrical systems...calendars of antiquity marked Year One almost always after a major disaster marked the passage of an age.

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