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⁣Not another stupid globe earth image 🗺 you'll find it on the OG poster's video, but NOT on mine
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One of the main reasons that people trained in the sciences today ignore the account in the Torah of a recent global Flood cataclysm is that they are persuaded that the standard geological timescale is in large measure correct. This paper reviews research that shows that the key assumption underpinning that timescale, namely, the time invariance of nuclear decay processes is false. That conclusion is being affirmed by increasing numbers of publications reporting soft tissue preservation in animal fossils from deep in the geological record. With the barrier of the timescale removed, spectacular physical evidence for a global catastrophic Flood of the sort described in the Torah and Quran becomes obvious. The complete destruction of all land-dwelling, air-breathing life on earth, except that preserved on the ark of Noah, as described in these accounts, immediately suggests that the fossils preserved in the sediment record must represent plants and animals destroyed in the Flood. The logical place in the rock record for the onset of this cataclysm therefore must be where five striking global-scale geological discontinuities—a mechanical-erosional discontinuity, a time/age discontinuity, a tectonic discontinuity, a sedimentary discontinuity, and a paleontological discontinuity coincide (Snelling 2009, 707-711). This unique boundary lies at the base of the Ediacaran in the late Neoproterozoic part of the geological record. Where Ediacaran sediments are missing, it coincides with the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary where Cambrian sediments are present. The identification of this boundary with the onset of the Flood implies that a staggering amount of tectonic catastrophism also must have accompanied the large amount of erosion and sedimentation involved. This paper summarizes some of the work done over the past thirty years to apply numerical modeling to investigate various aspects of this year-long event that dramatically refashioned the face of the earth.
The account of Noah’s Flood in the Torah, when interpreted according to the normal sense of the words, speaks of a global scale cataclysm that destroyed all the air-breathing terrestrial life on earth within the span of a single year. Indeed, the Flood is the only event mentioned in the Torah since the creation of the earth itself up to the present capable of producing global-scale geological change. Certainly an event of this magnitude should have left an abundance of physical evidence across the face of the earth. Many well-trained people today claim there is no such evidence. What is behind such a conclusion?
A crucial assumption underlying the conclusion of no evidence is that the standard geological timescale is generally correct. Under this assumption, as one surveys the evidence, it is unambiguously clear that there was no global-scale event that destroyed the earth’s air-breathing life on a massive scale sometime the third millennium BC. The issue is plain. Either the standard time scale is correct and there was no Flood as described in the Torah, or the time scale is incorrect in a profound way and a global Flood cataclysm is a genuine possibility. I and several of my colleagues have come to the conclusion that the latter choice is the one that corresponds to reality.
In this paper I review briefly the results of the Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE) research effort completed in 2005 that found several independent lines of radioisotope evidence that the earth itself is only thousands, not billions, of years old. The clearest line of evidence is that zircons in granite with U-Pb ages of more than a billion years retain as much as 80% of their radiogenic helium. The carefully measured diffusion rate of helium in zircon limits significant He retention to only a few thousand years. A second line of evidence are an abundance of damage patterns known as radiohalos caused by alpha particle radiation from radioisotopes of polonium whose half-lives vary between 164 microseconds to 138 days...
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