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⁣'Israeli TikTokers mocking embattled Palestinians goes viral in Israel'
A compilation of TikTok videos featuring several Israelis, including minors, engaging in a trend of ridiculing the plight of the Palestinians has caused a significant stir among the online community
The issue came to light after it was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by the user, @CensoredMen, on 26 October.
In the video, the participants, identified as Zionist TikTokers by New Straits Times, can be seen wearing headscarves to imitate Palestinians as they engage in satirical dances to ridicule the community.
Some of them can be seen playfully turning their electricity on and off, seemingly to poke fun at the Palestinians who are currently suffering from power cuts, while others painted their front teeth in black, making fun of their physical features.
These malicious actions were not just portrayed by the adults, but also toddlers, who were seen donning costumes and deriding Palestinians in the videos.
The 15-second clip has garnered a staggering 33.8 million views since it was posted, with netizens expressing their outrage in the comments section
One user decried the behaviour, stating, "Zionist crimes have reached unprecedented levels in human history! Bombing whole neighbourhoods, killing children, cutting electricity and water."
"Then, lying and playing the victim! And now, mocking the humanitarian crisis! Worst part? Zionist cheerleaders keep marching on!" he added.
"Laughing at other people's misfortunes, calamities, etc is so evil and disgusting. How low can they go?! Even soldiers, normal soldiers that is, treat dead enemies with more respect," commented another.
Another user raised concerns about the broader narrative portrayed in the media, by commenting, "Disgusting. No wonder they refuse to interview the average Zionist on the street. They say all these racist things that the media-trained 'Israeli spokesperson' knows not to say."
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