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⁣Fry Bucket is back for more secrets! This time we are going underground! Well, technically NOT underground... it's time for a former Disney World Cast Member to reveals secrets about the Magic Kingdom Utilidors.

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BONUS - ⁣bathmessengers posted on BitChute:

I’m sending out this amazing and prudent information on the apocalypse to every popular channel on bitchute. Please see and understand this crucial end times information. Every person deserves to know. God with you.

The entity in rome right now is Not the catholic church, the vatican 2 sect is an end times counter church that rises in the last days. The prophecies of the whore and the beast (the v2 sect and the EU) have been fulfilled with striking precision, also antipope JP II was the Antichrist, the 6th king, the One, who was wounded but lived, and then “canonized” a “saint”. There have been no true claimants to the papacy since Pius XII, and every claimant after him were antipopes and could not sit the chair of Peter, due to heresy. JPii preached that Man was Christ, from the Temple of God, St. Peters Basilica, the Vatican Temple, Templum Vaticanus, and since feb 11, 1929, a new historically verifiable political office was created for the vatican city state in the Lateran Treaty, Pius XI, and Pius XII, the first two kings of the new sacerdotal monarchy, priest kings of a priest kingdom. Antipope John XXIII was falsely “elected” on oct 28, 1958, and he was a freemason and a heretic. then Antipope Paul VI, antipope JP I, antipope JP II, antipope Benedict XVI, and then Antipope Francis. The seven heads are these Seven kings, excluding Francis, as Francis is not a priest, not a pope, and is simply a lay leader as the ultimate mockery at the end of the world. On oct 28, 2028, that will be exactly 70 years since the start of the end times Babylonian captivity. 70 years with the papal seat vacant. that would be the time for the next sign to occur. I believe shortly after that day, Rome will be destroyed, fulfilling the prophecy before the very end. antipope Ben XVI was the 7th king, who remained a short time, made people venerate the antichrist JPII and his image, he also died on the last day of the year, showing that he was the last, the last king, the priest king office went extinct when lightning struck the vatican twice on the same day as the lateran treaty, Feb 11, when he announced his resignation. After francis, there will be no more claimants to the papacy. Even Francis said, at the time of his invalid election that, “it was the duty of the cardinals of the conclave to find a pope, and now they have found one, At The End Of The World, So Here We Are…. Everything you have known up to this moment has deceived you. We arent at the beginning of the apostasy and the apocalypse, We are at the END of it. You have almost missed the entire apocalypse. This is connected with the events of the Miracle of The Sun and Our Lady of Fatima, the woman clothed with the sun in revelation. This happened in 1917 the same year as the jewish mass murderers who took over russia, and then eastern europe, now the world. the two world wars. world war part one and part two, all of it was events of the apocalypse beginning. We are now coming to the very end. After Four years Time, it is imminent that Rome and the Vatican Temple will be destroyed, as it has now in the last days been taken over by an alien entity which is not the catholic church but an end times counter church, the vatican 2 sect. at the 50 year anniversary of vatican 2 on dec 8 2015. revelation was fulfilled again. at St Peters Grave at the Basilica, when the Fiat Lux Light Show was performed. birds and beasts were projected onto the portico facade of the vatican temple, a clear sign the vatican had become the habitation of every unclean bird and unclean hated beast. Also it was made to look like the hanging gardens of Babylon, and Babylon is a name for Rome. Prophecy will play out at St Peters Grave, and that is exactly what has happened. We have been in a diabolical fog and we were deceived. The Antichrist came and came by way of deception and no one knew who he was, it was JPii. the sixth king. the beast who was wounded but lived. like Nero was the 6th king from Julius Caesar, who was known as the beast back in the 60’s. Time is running out. The catholic church is the one true and apostolic church of Jesus Christ, and this proves it. As the devil would not need to make a counterfeit of an already false church. contact MHFM for more information.

call MHFM at 1-800-275-1126 or 585-567-4433

God with you.

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