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โฃSomething happened with the download - it captured on Periscope perfectly.
We can use my #CutTheBS initiative for Marvel, as Mastermind has survived, in a fashion such as Darius Dax (his mind was expanded by Dark Phoenix, so as he didn't begin as a genius intellect, his newly expanded mind, after much rest and treatment, was able to properly grok wider concepts, and so was ready when the X-Cutioner attacked Muir Isle.
Simply: Mastermind hypnotized the entire Marvel Universe to accept this insanity for the last number of years; the only hero not affected was Hawkeye, as he had been on an absinthe bender - what happened was that Clint had been Jason Wyngarde's test subject, as he did not wish to possibly anger someone with meta-abilities, despite his improved mind. Hawkeye goes off because he realizes Kate Bishop being better than him was something absolutely unnatural, but he had already downed a third of the bottle before he came to that realization. This, along with the initial meddling, renders his mind immune to Mastermind's manipulations. He shakes off the nonsense that his lifetime of training and dedication could be bested by a "girl", consults fellow crimefighter's MOs on antagonists, and comes up with...


Now we go back to West Coast Avengers #37 by Englehart, Milgrom, Machlan, Oakley, and Gruenwald (can't recall colorist) - where Hawkeye singlehandedly beats the Voice of Doom; whereas the entire team is required to be brought to bear to end his threat in the previous issue (though it follows the same scenario - lone hero must outfight their hypnotized colleagues), so Clint works it out LIKE A BOSS.

All of the heroes slowly recover, and we have new creative teams get the books back on track...however they feel necessary.

The villians are chillin' at the Bar With No Name, in various shifts, trying to figure out what occurred.

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