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"Stop trying to gaslight trans people, telling us we're crazy!"

"You're crazy, bro."

*incoherent screeching*


Jim Stone got gigged:

Bookmark this page, you are on jimstonesingapore.com

It is a mess but I am not going to worry about that now, getting the new location out is most important.

I found this host with the Freespoke search engine. This host won't do shut downs or transfers without negotiating with me first. I gave no permission to transfer Jimstone.is and POOF, it was gone.

Jimstone.is has been taken away.

Once I sort out the problems, the new site will be at (That is not where jimstonesingapore.com is) I set up jimstonesignapore.com on a shared Cpanel server because I don't need anything to make it work and was getting blocked from downloading Putty and Filezilla to stop me from starting over on a normal server after Jimstone.is got taken away. Cpanel has everything you need built in and is harder to stop when being messed with. When they give up I'll probably keep running from this domain while I keep the IP of the main server prominent and use it for serving resources.


Thanks to the bitcoin donations I am running on new servers. However, it is now depleted so my ability to handle more disasters is limited.

I had jimstone.is and Voterig.com both loaded with enough bitcoin funds to keep them going for years, nonrefundable of course. That was a loss. The basic server at jimstonesingapore.com is paid for one year, and the main one I can't get working is paid for 2 years. I'll get that going most likely because I managed to simply run filezilla off the desktop without using the linux updater and am using it to transfer files now.
But if those two new servers also get taken, I'll need more coin to jump elsewhere.


I need to try to change servers away from orangewebsite. There is enough bitcoin to do something basic but if anyone could drop a little more in it would probably help.
contact: genghisclau@tutanota.com


Land records across America sold to foreign powers??
This appears to be an insanely important report
From Timothy Charles "one man away from Trump"

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Consumer666 12 days ago

I think the soy in the GOI slop is messing with his hormone therapy

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