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⁣*** Reporting on Joe’s Death yesterday
*** Reviewing the malfeasance concerning Joe’s Medical Condition
*** Our personal experience with the medical profession

Joe was a great guy - I had started calling Jim on his phone and having rant sessions; unbeknownst to me, Jim had changed his living arrangements, and Joe was given his day I called and ranted for about 5 minutes about how, in an argument Jim and Joe were having on the show, and I was on Jim's side of said argument...and I was talking to Joe!

No problem - it was NBD, and I continued calling Joe.

I'll just end with this - Godspeed, brother 🙏

His channels:

⁣I started a group to deal with the illegal immigration problem back in the year 2003, particularly the hoards of Illegal Brazilians coming to my at that time, Town, NOW a CITY.. The group name was called CCFIILE, Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement. I Started a Cable Show called Illegal Immigration Chat that brought this huge problem to the public's notice...We had HUNDREDS of shows and consequently produced other shows, two on my end and two on my brothers end for a total of four cable shows....They went along great until we got into topics that some people didn't want us to get the public to know about and eventually by hook and crook ALL our cable shows were taken off the air FOREVER...I bring this all out on this website.
In particular the Cable corruption and censorship and people that took us off the air...
AF-TV the most corrupt cable station in America
These videos are the result of those Cable shows starting with the Immigration issues and that cable show, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION CHAT, and if we aren't in jail from these shows the other banned shows that shouldn't have been banned or censored in the first place done now without editing as they would have gone up for the cable TV people by their rules of providing editing programing....They wont be edited because it would take many hours to edit them so just remember these are as they went up on Cable TV....We expose the Immigration corruption, again particularly the BRAZILIAN immigration corruption that still exist to this day in our City as we make fun using humor and on the ground reporting so enjoy....
Any comments can be giving to this phone number, 508-875-0835 or email to

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