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FULTON COUNTY!๐Ÿšจ The Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat, that decided President Trump & others would all receive mugshots, & who is in charge of one of the Nations dirtiest & deadliest jails, appears to have taken part in a gay web-series called โ€œThe CLOSETโ€.

BREAKING: Fulton County, Ga deleted evidence, against state and federal law, that would prove Former President Trump won Georgia by around 2,000 votes, based on the Cast Vote Record for those files.

Fascinating stuff:

The morphic field is why we are going to win this thing and beat the Satanic Luciferian banksters who run the world. We know. Look at Gabon. They just imprisoned the family that has been looting their country for the past fifty years. People in every country know our leaders with almost no exception, are psychopaths stealing everything not nailed down. In every country in the world, people are recognizing we have the power, and the money that we donโ€™t have, has been stolen by them. The games of globalists, the little feints and releases and projects they try are being met with universal dislike and there is so much dislike now that people feel comfortable voicing their displeasure.

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