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โฃI get to the actual point roughly 25 minutes in; the preceding is setup

Rob Pue, you may be onto something:

If I were to do a sermon today, it would be about Jezebels.
Now, in no way will I ever excuse these pitiful excuses for men for their participation...but let's discuss all facets of the issue.
You see, I am about the actual essence of Tikkun Olam.
It's not a bloody scam.
Ever since I learned to read a newspaper, my ambition is and always has been to make the world better.
I didn't waste my body pretending at some fixed sport. I guess I could have, just to make money, but I don't care about money. Sucks to be related to me, but that's how it goes.
I do care about my posterity, though...and we all do. We just don't know what that means.
I fine tune my message daily. One new weapon in my arsenal is Chris Hansen's To Catch A Predator (tCaP).
The problem is two-fold:
Men insistent on deflowering virgins;
Young girls enticed into sex before marriage
That is the crux of the issue.
Responsible sex possibly ends with a pregnancy.
Sex is not something to be taken lightly, when it affects so much of our lives.
Listen to the "excuses" and "justifications" offered up when confronted by their perverted desire.
Each and every bloody one, to the man, KNOWS THIS IS WRONG.
One guy even says, point blank, that SEX WITH A 13 YEAR OLD IS THE CLEANEST, BEST PLEASURE.
Exactly what I wrote.
Got all of the puke in the bucket?
Not done.
Is it any wonder things are how they are?
Men cannot find good wives, because there are no women of good virtue available (yes, I know you're out there, but I can't exclude you all by name); conversely, women cannot find good men to marry them because instead, they're seeking useless conquests of hymen everywhere!
"I must be the FIRST!" were.
You need to do it again?!?
Whom are you impressing?
Is there a booby prize that I simply don't know about? I never see it anywhere.
I posted some yesterday. There were two guys convinced to STRIP THEMSELVES NAKED.
There was a rabbi.
There was a guy whom BROUGHT A TODDLER WITH HIM.
Guys, it's not sour grapes. I've had zesty sessions that would drop every lick of hair off of your head.
We need little girls to grow up to become beautiful women.
We need young men to build their virtue to be prizes for these women.
Notice as to how I've placed the equation backwards?!?
We know that our institutions are beholden to Baphomet and to Mammon.
We can have our Golden Age on Earth.
The gold is you and I.

I mentioned a number of URLs: - Dawn & Chris Miles' GoFundMe page

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