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Save it for yourself: ⁣

SOURCE 👇 by way of DarknessToLight.111

LUKE 17:2
It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

Antony Blinken represents neither the beginning nor the end of the info ops run to convince voters the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Revisiting the contemporaneous coverage of the laptop story in light of last week’s revelations about Blinken reveals the scandal extends far beyond the Biden campaign and involves government agents.

Last week, news broke that a former top CIA official, Michael Morell, testified as part of a House Judiciary Committee investigation that Blinken, now-secretary of state and then-Biden campaign senior adviser, had contacted Morell to discuss the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story.

Blinken and Morell reportedly “discussed possible Russian involvement in the spreading of information related to Hunter Biden.” According to Morell, Blinken’s outreach “set in motion” what led to the public statement signed by 51 former intelligence agents that falsely framed the laptop as Russian disinformation.

This revelation is huge — but it’s only a start to understanding the scope of the plot to interfere in the 2020 election by framing the laptop exposing Biden family corruption as foreign disinformation.

Read the rest at the above URL

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⁣JUST IN: Video re-emerges of South Korea customs seizing thousands of drug capsules containing THE POWDERED FLESH OF DEAD BABIES..Korean customs say ‘they were made in north eastern China from babies whose bodies were chopped into small pieces’..
Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) May 29, 2023

⁣billyjones posted:
Hunter and his 16 yr old niece Natalie, feel free to repost.

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Musk was interviewed on Carlson’s show in mid-April, where the two seemed to genuinely like each other

Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News

Stanford medical professor tasked with investigating UFO-inflicted brain injuries that killed over 100 troops, Tucker Carlson says
Elon Musk has been talking with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson about possibly working together, according to a new report from Axios. The news comes after Carlson was abruptly pulled off the air by Fox, despite hosting the most popular cable news show in the U.S.

“Axios has learned that Carlson and Elon Musk had a conversation about working together, but didn’t discuss specifics,” Axios reported on Sunday.

Musk was interviewed on Carlson’s show in mid-April, where the two seemed to genuinely like each other. Musk, who became CEO of Twitter after he bought the company in October 2022, defended going on Carlson’s show after receiving criticism over the host’s racist fearmongering.

Carlson was pulled off the air at Fox but is still under contract for at least another year. Representatives for Carlson are reportedly negotiating the host’s formal exit from the cable network, but there’s widespread speculation Fox will slow-walk the process in an effort to keep Carlson from signing an agreement with a rival network. Carlson reportedly earns $20 million a year from Fox News, which is a hefty sum for not doing any work.

Carlson posted a two-minute video on Twitter on April 26, two days after getting the ax, but it didn’t mention any specifics about the cable host’s plans for the future. The video has been viewed over 24 million times.

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⁣VfB has always wanted to do this...but Jack Stockton, at 11 years of age, beat me to it!

This is very impressive! An 11 year old boy recites what Jesus is known as in every single book of the Bible...quick and to the point but very effective! This is awesome!

Sinja the White Ninja posted:
Hitler was a hard core christian fighting against satanic zionist commies so why would he want to silence him?

Yeah - I caught that, as well - considering he was 11, and certainly not taught the true story, I'll not expound on that too much; I'd love to speak with him now on if any 'brainwashing' was done, it's the hate for Hitler


In Genesis – He is the seed of woman.
In Exodus - He is the Passover Lamb.
In Leviticus- He is Our High Priest.
In Numbers- He is the Cloud by day and a Pillar of Fire by night.
In Deuteronomy- He is the Prophet like unto Moses.
In Joshua - He is the Captain of our Salvation
In Judges - He is our Judge and Law giver.
In Ruth - He is our Kinsman and Redeemer.
In 1 & 2 Samuel - He is our Trusted Prophet.
In 1 & 2 Kings - He is the Lord our King.
In 1 & 2 Chronicles -He is our Reigning King.
In Ezra - He is our Faithful Spouse.
In Nehemiah - He is the Builder of broken down walls.
In Esther - He is our Mordecai.
In Job - He is our Redeemer.
In Psalms - He is the Lord our Shepherd.
In Proverbs - He is our Wisdom.
In Ecclesiasties - He is our Lover.
In the Song of Solomon -He is our Beloved Fair one.
In Isaiah- He is the Prince of Peace
In Jeremiah – He is the The Balm of Gilead.
In the Lamentations - He is the weaping Prophet.
In Ezekiel – He is the wonderful four faced Man.
In Daniel - He is the fourth man in the Fiery Furnace
In Hosea – He is the faithful Husband
In Joel – He is The Holy Ghost Baptizer
In Amos – He is the Burden Bearer
In Obadiah – He is Mighty to Save
In Jonah – He is our foreign Missionary
In Micah – He is the Messenger with Beautiful feet
In Nahum – He is the Avenger of Gods Elect
In Habakkuk – He is God’s Evangelist
In Zephaniah – He is Our Savior
In Haggai – He is The Restorer of God’s Lost Heritage
In Zechariah – He is the Fountain Open in the house of David
In Malachi – He is the Son of Righteousness with Healing in His Wings.
New Testament
In Matthew -He is The Messiah
In Mark – He is The Wonder Worker
In Luke – He is The Son of Man
In John- He is The Son of God (he is the Word)
In The Acts – He is The Foundation of the Church
In Romans – He is our Justifier
In 1 & 2 Corinthians – He is our Sanctifier
In Galatians – He is the Redeemer from the curse of the law
In Ephesians – He is the Christ with Unsearchable Riches
In Philippians – He is The God that Supplies All of Our Needs
In Colossians – He is the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily
In 1 & 2 Thessalonians - He is Our Soon Coming King
In 1 & 2 Timothy- He is the Mediator between God in Man
In Titus – He is The Faithful Pastor
In Philemon – He is the friend that sticketh closer than a brother
In Hebrews – He is The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant
In James- He is Our Great Physician
In 1 & 2 Peter- He is The Chief Shepherd
In 1- 2 & 3 John - He is Love
In Jude- He is The Lord Coming with 10,000 of His saints
In The Revelation – He is the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords

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I could not independently verify the story in the video; however, it led me to crafting the title; what I contend is that when I went to perform said verification, I was beset on all sides regarding the paranormal character of Eleven, from Stranger Things, having shaved her head.

Huh - shades of Britney Spears...or something else entirely

Snopes actually led me right to this - imagine that, goyimzes!

An attempted abduction of a child from a mall or amusement park was thwarted because the kidnappers forgot to change the child's shoes.
About this rating

One of the most effective types of scarelore is the "barely escaped from the clutches of evil" variety, as nothing drives home a warning better than a vivid first-person account of a narrowly-averted tragedy. The explicit warning presented in a common child abduction legend is obvious: You must never, ever let your child out of your sight in a public place, even for a moment — kidnappers could be lurking anywhere, and the attempted abduction in the following examples was foiled only due to the diligence of an employee and the thoroughness of a store's security precautions:

Please take the time and forward this to any friend who has children! Thanks!
Wanted to share something that happened today while shopping at Sam's club. A mother was leaning over looking for meat and turned around to find her 4 yr. old daughter was missing, I was standing there right beside her, well she was calling her daughter and no luck. I asked a man who worked at Sam's to announce it over the loud speaker for Katie. Well, he did, and let me say he walked past me when I asked and went to a pole where there was a phone right there to make his announcement for all doors, and gates to be locked a code they locked all the doors at once. This took all of 3 min after I asked the guy to do this. They found the little girl 5 min later crunched in a bathroom stall, her head was half shaved, and she was dressed in her underwear with a bag of clothes, a razor, and wig sitting on the floor besides her. Whoever this person was, took the little girl, brought her into the bathroom, shaved half her head, undressed her in a matter of less than 10 min. Makes me shake to no end.
Please keep an eye out for your kids when in shopping places. It only took a few minutes to do all of this, another 5 min and she would have been out the door...I am still in shock some sick person could do this, let alone in a matter of minutes...The little girl is fine... thank God for fast workers who didn't take any chances. Thanks for reading. Please keep praying for our children. Especially now that school is about to start. Just reading this was enough for me. I'm making a pledge to keep watch for all kids, young and old! We know those little kids slip by us so fast when we are in a store. Especially when they see toys or candy. Everything can be replaced but a life. No parent would want to lose a child in no way form or fashion!

[Collected via e-mail, March 2008]
One of my brother's works at the Sam's Club in Murfreesboro, TN and yesterday he called me with some very disturbing news. As most stores, Sam's has different codes that are stated over the intercom throughout the store such as for extra help, severe weather, etc. Sam’s has a code called "Code Adam" for when a child becomes missing or is feared kidnapped. The store is immediately shut down and employees are instructed to go to an entrance/exit. That code was called yesterday at his store. A mother had her four year old daughter standing next to her as she was looking in the meat department. Then she noticed she was gone and notified a manager who then notified the store manager. Immediately, the "Code Adam" was called and all employees went to each exit in the store not allowing anyone to enter or exit. They found the little girl in the bathroom with the predator. Her head was partially shaved, she had on a different outfit, and a wig was found. This all happened within less than five minutes. Thank God Sam's Club has this sort of "code" or that little girl would have been gone.
I wanted to pass this along to each of you so that you are aware that predators seem to be less fearful and braver these days. Please pass this along to anyone you know with small children.

[Collected via e-mail, November 2009]
Dear All. This is a very serious message that I hope you can pass on to as many people as you can.
Last night at the big ASDA in Bradley a three-year-old girl went missing. Fortunately their policy when something like this happens is to lock the doors.
The little girl was found in the toilets with two Romanian women, one shaving her head and the other dressing her in boys' clothes. This comes from an employee who was there last night. Please pass the message round to as many as you can and remain extra vigilant with your own children.

[Collected via e-mail, August 2011]
Friend of Ana's went to Wonderland yesterday. She was with another friend too and together they had 4 children (each w 2). Kids were 4-5-6 years old. While they were busy w 1 of the 4 kids one of the other kids disappeared ... Literally. 5 year old girl.
After frantically searching for 2 minutes they alerted the Park's security who then searched the Park for the next 5-6 mins. The Park then closed all exits and would not allow anyone too leave while they continued to search for the next 45 mins.
Still they couldn't find her and the Park was forced to re-open the exits. The Police advised Ana's friend to focus on childrens' shoes and nothing else. So she watched the exits and mobs of people were leaving. She noticed 1 man carrying a sleeping child with a blanket over her. And the child's hair was a different colour but she said to the police that she had noticed a child wearing the same shoes but ....... it probably wasn't her child.
The police stopped the man and it turns out that it was indeed the right child. The child had been tranquillized by injection to the neck and was sleeping. Her hair had been cut short and had been spray painted a different colour. And all her clothing had been changed except .... her shoes. They got the perp and, thank God the child is fine.
Moral: don't take your eyes off your child for even 1 second. Unbelievable!!!

Although these warnings may contain some good advice, the legend they present exaggerates both the prevalence and manner of kidnappings. A child is far more likely to be snatched by a family member or ex-spouse in a custodial dispute than to be the victim of a random abduction. And rarely will kidnappers go through such elaborate procedures as the ones hinted at here -- luring a child outside where he or she can be quickly bundled into an automobile is far more effective and less risky than trying to smuggle one out the exit of a crowded public space. (Some of the examples presented above don't even make much logical sense. Why would abductors waste precious getaway time shaving a child's head — with a razor, yet — when they already had a wig on hand to disguise their victim's natural hair color and style?)
This form of tale that has been circulating for decades, always involving the kidnapping of children from family-type public places such as amusement parks and shopping centers. In the basic form of the legend, a kidnapper snatches a child away from an inattentive parent, drugs it, and hustles it into a restroom; there the abductor performs a quick haircut, dye job, and clothing change on the child to conceal its identity (and sometimes to obscure its gender) and wraps it in blankets before attempting to quickly and quietly spirit the child off the premises. Meanwhile, a vigilant security force has sealed off all the exits, and the attempted kidnapping is thwarted either because the kidnapper realizes he cannot escape undetected and simply abandons his intended victim in the bathroom, or because the child's parent is monitoring the exits (in person or via security cameras) and recognizes the youngster by its distinctive shoes, which the kidnapper has neglected to change or remove.
More malevolent versions of this story end not with the thwarting of the abduction attempt, but with the discovery of the child's original clothing on a restroom floor (along with other evidence of what had transpired, such as loose hair, scissors, and a bottle of hair dye). In these versions police tell the victims' parents they are powerless to recover their children (whom they warn are probably already on their way out of the country to be used as unwilling organ donors or sex slaves), and the parents are paid off to keep quiet about the abductions. Often the payoff for the parents' silence is claimed to be something absurdly small in value, such as free passes to the amusement park where the kidnapping took place, yet people continue to take the story at face value. (Would you keep quiet about your child's disappearance for any amount of money, much less something as paltry as a few free tickets?)
The tale of the "haircut-and-dye-job" kidnappers goes back several decades and is tied to the growth of cities, the movement away from rural areas and small towns, and the increase in the crime rate that occurred in America after World War II. The small-town communities where everyone knew everyone else, outsiders were few, and residents felt safe leaving their doors unlocked at night began to disappear; as people increasingly became part of large, impersonal urban centers, they began to develop fears about the relative anonymity and facelessness of their day-to-day lives. Several of these fears are expressed in this one legend alone: fear of crime and mistrust of strangers (you don't know everyone here; criminals could be anywhere in the crowds you encounter every day, blending in with the masses), lack of faith in the willingness and effectiveness of police protection (the police are "powerless" to recover the missing children and therefore don't even try), and distrust of powerful, monolithic corporations (these companies don't care about you or your children; they'll pay you off to make sure you don't dent their enormous profits or ruin their carefully-cultivated family image by blabbing the TRUTH to the media). Even though most versions describe the kidnappers as being caught because of their carelessness, the story still serves its function of providing a vivid cautionary tale to drive home the message that you must carefully keep an eye on your children at all times while out in public: just a few moments' slip-up can lead to disaster.
Over the years, this story has been set in virtually every type of locale where families mingle with large numbers of strangers, such as shopping malls, beaches, carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks. Since the details of urban legends tend to gravitate towards the most prominent examples of their kind, this legend has become more and more associated with theme parks such as Disneyland and Canada's Wonderland, and big-box retailers such as Walmart stores, examples of well-known large facilities frequented by families with children and parts of huge corporate enterprises. (In truth, no child has ever been kidnapped from a Disney theme park, and although the abduction and murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh led Walmart to create its Code Adam protocol for locating missing children in their stores, Adam Walsh actually disappeared from a Sears outlet, and no evidence was found to indicate the abductor had made an effort to alter Adam's appearance.)
Sightings: An episode of NBC's Law & Order: SVU ("Stolen"; original air date 12 October 2001) opens with a baby girl being kidnapped from a grocery store; the abductor takes her to a bathroom, drugs her, changes her clothes, and cuts her hair.
In April 2012, a reporter for a television station in Israel was suspended after running the "attempted abduction at Disney park" rumor as a news story. That news outlet was duped by a man claiming to be the father of a 9-year-old girl who went missing at Walt Disney World and was then discovered in one of the park's bathrooms drugged and with her head shaved.
<!-- Variations:
Sometimes the intended victim is found abandoned in a bathroom, partially disguised (hair cut, clothing changed), or implements for altering the child's appearance (scissors, razor, hair dye, wig, clothing) are found in a bathroom stall.

Sometimes the kidnapper is caught attempting to escape through an exit with the disguised victim (often because the parent recognizes some detail of the child's clothing the kidnapper has neglected to alter, such as shoes).

The child is often found to have been drugged (to make it easier for the kidnapper to alter the child's appearance and smuggle him out an exit).

So...(((snopes))) contend this is all 'satanic panic' or whatever that craptastic smear it was that was used to obfuscate clear evidence of trafficking, up to the White House - Lawrence Franklin was the pimp running things - URL archived at: ⁣ - thumbnail

Police find kidnapped 2-year-old boy with his head shaved in a trailer 70 miles away from nursery

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(Flashback... in case you didn't know... there you go... nothing going on? Think about... with Trump's part in taking down the cabal... about 2016... things to think about...)

This video is in one of my early pinned videos here on telegram...! ❤🇺🇸


Before Donald Trump became Commander-in-Chief, powerful politicians used to let other people disparage the truth and attack critics on their behalf. Jerome Corsi was one of those other people, an artist of the dog whistle and I’m-just-asking-the-question routines, who electrified viewers of Fox News and listeners of Rush Limbaugh by saying the kinds of grotesque falsehoods that senators and congressmen dared not. Corsi first made his name by swift-boating John Kerry, during the 2004 Presidential campaign, but he hit the right-wing big time with the rise of Barack Obama. In 2008, he published a best-selling book called “The Obama Nation”—say it quickly—a canonical text for those who considered Obama “a corrupt, enraged, anti-American, drug-dealing, anti-Israel, pseudo-Christian radical leftist, black militant, plagiarist, and liar, trained as a Muslim and mentored by a menagerie of Marxists, Communists, crypto-Communists, and terrorists,” as Hendrik Hertzberg put it when the book was published. After Obama won the Presidency, Corsi became a guiding light of the birther movement, whose members insisted that Obama had been born somewhere other than the U.S., and was thus disqualified from serving as President—the same racist, denialist movement that Trump himself goosed to great effect as a precursor to his 2016 Presidential run.

Corsi, who is seventy-two and has a doctorate in political science from Harvard—and therefore likes “Ph.D.” to appear after his name—is now enmeshed in the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible ties between Trump’s Presidential campaign and the Russian government. Two weeks ago, during one of his regular video live streams, Corsi announced that he expected to be indicted for giving false information to the special counsel. An indictment has yet to materialize, but, this week, after saying that he had rejected a plea deal, Corsi made public a draft court filing that outlined the allegations Mueller was prepared to make about him.

Read the rest at the above URL - huh

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Robby Soave and Jessica Burbank react to new updates surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. #NoamChomsky #ciamis

About Rising:
Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts that breaks the mold of morning TV by taking viewers inside the halls of Washington power like never before. The show leans into the day's political cycle with cutting edge analysis from DC insiders who can predict what is going to happen. It also sets the day's political agenda by breaking exclusive news with a team of scoop-driven reporters and demanding answers during interviews with the country's most important political newsmakers.

Follow Rising on social media:

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Twitter: @HillTVLive

On July 23, 2018 Sarah Ruth Ashcraft has came forward and announced that she was subjected to CIA brainwashing techniques and child sex trafficked to Hollywood at age 13 years and raped by Hollywood star Tom Hanks.
Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives (@dom_lucre) May 2, 2023

I will give $10,000 dollars to the first person who finds me a picture of Michelle Obama pregnant
shaneyyricch (@shaneyyricch) May 2, 2023

Why is the CIA Director meeting with a convicted pedophile who was in charge of an elite child sex trafficking ring❓

⁣😡😡 scumbag lowlife pond scum human sludge sewer rat dung 😡😡
“Many of those on the calendar told the Wall Street Journal that they visited Epstein because he was rich and had connections. So much for principles.
“If someone has enough money and an extensive enough Rolodex, the elites of this country are more than happy to sell their souls to the devil. Others claimed that Epstein had served his time and been rehabilitated for his evil ways.”

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⁣Die Deutsche Wochenschau⁣ was the title of the unified newsreel series released in the cinemas of the Third Reich from August of 1939 until the end of the War.

Continuing series.

04/30/1941, German audio no subtitles.

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Here’s a hypothetical…

Say someone was wearing a MAGA hat & made a video stating that they are making a “call to action/arms” to everyone in the US to “arm up” & “learn how to shoot” at LGBT people & that they “aren’t afraid to die”...

That person would have a swarm of FBI agents breaking down their door, with weapons drawn. They would be thrown to the ground, arrested & put into solitary confinement WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OR TRIAL.

WHERE is the FBI when the Trans Cult makes TERRORISTIC THREATS?

Rob Ager's film analysis page

Detailed breakdowns of psychology, subtext, subliminals, symbology and narrative in classic films.

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Gary Gensler was the CFO for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 Election campaign yet he claimed under oath today that he “wasn’t aware” of the payment from her campaign to pay for the Steele Dossier.

This is highly unlikely.

TGP wrote a year ago in February 2022:

When Hillary Clinton was putting together her 2016 Presidential campaign, she brought in Gary Gensler as her Chief Financial Officer. CNN reported in April 2015:

Read: Dr. Peter McCullough On "The Holy Grail Of COVID-19 Vaccine Detoxification"

Hillary Clinton’s campaign will add to its top ranks a man who’s known for being tough on Wall Street.

Gary Gensler, the former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, will serve as the Clinton campaign’s chief financial officer, Bloomberg reported.

Gensler would bring a wealth of knowledge about the financial industry, as well as the federal agencies that regulate it, to the newly launched campaign.

He was chairman of the CFTC, the government agency that oversees the derivatives markets, from 2009 to 2014. He previously served in senior Treasury Department roles under President Bill Clinton, and prior to joining the Clinton administration worked at Goldman Sachs for almost 20 years.

By early January of 2016, things had worn off and Hillary had some competition. Those supporting her only competitor, socialist Bernie Sanders, were not happy with Gensler, the former Goldman Sachs guy. The Intercept wrote at that time:

Hillary Clinton is using a prominent surrogate to attack Bernie Sanders’ emphatic proposals for reforming Wall Street: Gary Gensler, former chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Gensler, who is the Clinton campaign’s chief financial officer, has enormous credibility among financial reformers after his aggressive (and lonely) efforts to rein in banks during the early years of the Obama administration.
As a result, the Clinton campaign has tapped him to fend off Sanders and make the difficult case that Clinton is genuinely interested in cleaning up Wall Street.

It was also clear at this time that Gensler was running Hillary’s campaign finances. Gensler also worked with Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias in creating the Hillary Victory Fund, according to Bloomberg in a piece in June 2016:

Gensler’s portfolio stretches into other areas as well. He, along with campaign lawyer Marc Elias and national finance director Dennis Cheng, led the process last year to create the Hillary Victory Fund, which jointly raises money for the campaign, the DNC, and state Democratic parties.

Elias was Hillary’s general counsel at the time Gensler was CFO.

It was during this time when Gensler oversaw the Hillary campaign’s finances that Hillary’s campaign paid millions to law firm Perkins Coie. This was also the time that the Steele dossier was paid for.

We know that Gensler has hidden meetings he had with Hillary, Soros, Pelosi and others from his calendar.

Today Gensler was asked whether he facilitated the payment for the Steele dossier for the Hillary campaign. He claimed after much hesitation that he wasn’t aware of the payment for the Steele campaign.

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Source: ⁣

⁣ex PM of India and his brother get executed on live TV.

Former Indian MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother, former state legislator Ashraf Ahmed, were shot dead on live TV while in police custody in Uttar Pradesh state while the police stood as spectators!

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⁣Die Deutsche Wochenschau⁣ was the title of the unified newsreel series released in the cinemas of the Third Reich from August of 1939 until the end of the War.

Continuing series.

04/09/1941, German audio no subtitles.

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‘The Secret Covernant’ was released anonymously on the internet on June 21st, 2002.

No one really knows who wrote it, or whether it’s real, but when you read it it does ring true.

If it is real, it’s probably the mother of all red pills because it explains everything.

Released anonymously June 21, 2002. This secret covenant document reveals the plans and thoughts of the Elite families who rule the world.

Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say. If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives. We will use fear as our weapon.

Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial.
But if they ever find out they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW.

If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action.

They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter.

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⁣Source: & - thumbnail

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Rep. @HillaryRonen Begs for More Police After She Personally Worked to Defund Them in 2020

2020: “I believe strongly in defunding the police”
2023: “We’ve been begging for more officers”

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Sky News host Rita Panahi questions “what in gods name" Dalai Lama was thinking after a “disturbing video” surfaced of him kissing a boy and asking him to “suck his tongue”. 🤪
“It’s hard to really understand what happened there, I can tell you that footage is far more disturbing when you see it without the young child’s face pixelated … Even there you got to wonder, what in gods name he was thinking?" she said.

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⁣Look out below!

I'll bet the front seats shat themselves at the very sight

MAG BITTER TRUTH re-upload - archiving

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⁣Die Deutsche Wochenschau⁣ was the title of the unified newsreel series released in the cinemas of the Third Reich from August of 1939 until the end of the War.

Continuing series.

12/18/1940, German audio no subtitles.

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⁣Music by Jack Savoretti, Soldier's Eyes. This song was suggested by @Nature_and_Race without whom the rest of the video would not have happened.
Video edits are by me.

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