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A pro-White music video. Love your race, love your people.

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⁣In Episode 20: 1) Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin 2) The Media has a fit 3) Biden has press conference to assure Americans he is not demented 4) The Apple Vision Pro is dystopian

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⁣The Perimeter LIVE on Steve Graves Radio

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⁣Documentary about the origins of World War II.

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⁣Saturday Night Live Stream W The Perimeter

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⁣The hidden history of zionism.

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⁣The film exposes how terrorists took advantage of the massive weapons surplus following the end of WWII and created lucrative black-markets for illegal arms trafficking many of which went to the blood thirsty ethno-stater lunatics who created the state of Israel. The weapons theft would escalate to Highly Enriched Uranium for nuclear bombs and the assassination of a US president. The gun running routes doubled as human trafficking routes as the post war climates had created millions of refugees and nations of women with little or no opportunities who were easily exploited. This in turn gave rise to international forced prostitution and pedophile rings that targeted state figures and businessmen for blackmail. The press and policing agencies were forced to capitulate because challenging Zionist power right after the horrors of the Holocaust was political suicide. WWII’s own justification for nuking cities and murdering millions of civilians through bombing and starvation was the made for TV images of the Holocaust, even though Palestine had nothing to do with that, they paid the ultimate price. And by allowing Israeli power to grow out of control the US effectively lost its sovereignty. Especially in regards to foreign policy, Zionist partisans most recently the Neocons have thrown the US into one conflict after another against its own interests to further the personal interest of a criminal cabal. This film, like any Dawson film, names the names and gives the details and documents. The criminal networks of organized crime, sexual blackmailers, arms smugglers, financiers, and political cover up have all been mapped out, literally. Help us at the Anti-Neocon report reach our goal and once again put the establishment and donor class psychopaths under the spot light. The truth will set you free. But Freedom isn’t Free.
“By far the best production value ANC has ever created”- Pug
“When you think having your greatest ally attack you is the worst thing they have done, Dawson drops this bomb” – Oliver
“I think I wet my pants, but I had my underwear on so I couldn’t have raped that girl” -Alan Dershowitz did not say
“With an entire room full of people who have been drinking all night and done a 3 and a half hour conference with Ron Paul and eaten a big meal, not a single person fell asleep, that’s impressive” -Reed Coverdale
“Were done for” – Israeli on Pol

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Don't mess with kids

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Hawaii sees a heavy presence of National Guard, Local Police, and VERY oddly what appears to be FOREIGN POLICE presence.

Locals are not sure where the foreign vehicles and personnel are from or why they have any business being there.

According to this video, they are working fast to place fencing and barriers for miles around where the fire burned. They do not want people stopping anywhere near this place.

What is going on

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White Pride and White Power Rises, It Will Not Be Stopped

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Coach Huggins rescinds his apology.

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⁣A collab here with There was an idea of the main song and thoughts on showing attempted debasement focusing on white decline, violent blacks, our people fighting back, collective showings of both force and compassion and ultimately honoring one who fought the fight long ago and led the way. Hope you enjoy.

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⁣Stop White Genocide

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The world's largest Mosquito factory is funded by Bill Gates.

These mosquitoes can be armed with virtually any payload imaginable, and then released into the public.

It’s being done because Bill Gates L0VES us, and wants us all to live very long healthy lives! We are so lucky.

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⁣Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the Jews he wanted to Expel them_video

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⁣Satanism and Witchcraft exposed in Hollywood

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