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⁣A routine First Amendment Audit uncovers widespread corruption in a small New Hampshire town. As PRESS NH NOW investigates, he is falsely arrested, attacked by town officials and citizens, retaliated against, maliciously prosecuted, and much more.

This is the COMPLETE STORY of PRESS NH NOW's harrowing experiences in Charlestown, NH, from his Arrest all the way to his Trial, and beyond.

Over 27 hours of content from 4 creators across 2 platforms has been condensed to bring you this one-of-a-kind Documentary.

========== CHAPTERS ==========

00:00 Introduction
01:55 Part 1 – The Whelen Audit
12:06 Part 2 – The Arrest
21:27 Part 3 – The Lessels Assault
36:57 Part 4 – Charlestown After Dark
56:23 Part 5 – Fear and Loathing in Charlestown
1:11:22 Part 6 – The Trial
1:29:08 Part 7 – Live Free or Die

========== SOURCES ==========

Featuring content from:

Press NH Now @TheRealPressNHNow
Breaking the Flaw @BreakingtheFlaw
Absolute Defiance @AbsoluteDefiance
Free Keene (YouTube) @FreeKeene
Free Keene (Odysee)

Press NH Now's Official Charlestown Playlist:


Showcase Audits' Charlestown Playlist (all source & reference videos*):

• Press NH Now in Charlestown
*not in Playlist (off-platform):
Full Trial video from Free Keene's Odysee channel:

========== MUSIC CREDITS ==========

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Dan Lebowitz - "Torrance Sunset"
Coyote Hearing - "Fun House"
Coyote Hearing - "The End"
Patrick Patrikios - "Broken"

Music: Heartbeat by Soundridemusic
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========== THANKS FOR WATCHING ==========

"LIVE FREE OR DIE: How Press NH Now Took Down Charlestown"
Documentary written, produced, and edited by Showcase Audits.

Stock media from Pexels and Pixabay.

Welcome to Showcase Audits, where we highlight First Amendment Auditors and the important work these Patriots do: exposing tyrants, holding government workers accountable, and educating the ignorant whenever possible.

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