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β£πŸ”΅Why do public officials have to take an Oath to uphold the state and federal constitutions? What is the law that controls this process? Why do they have to also be bonded and where are these bonds and oaths recorded so that we can find them and acknowledge them on the public record? What can you do if you find a judge on the bench who does NOT have an Oath and or proper Bond? We answer these questions tonight at the VSOF Saturday night civics and sovereignty class.

This is the mega file for the handouts for tonight's class.

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The VSOF open classes are free and open to all who wish to discuss their rights and freedoms. The weekly civics and sovereignty classes are held on Wed and Sat nights at 7:00pm Central standard time, for one hour. Please check the public events calendar on the VSOF Guilded server for class times and dates.

It is for the good of all Americans that we all live in a constitutional republic and continue to grow and perpetuate this great experiment in Self-Government.

It is the right and duty of all Americans to assemble and discuss all matters regarding our rights as we see fit in our own republic, for this right is protected by the first article of the bill of rights.

"The Natural Liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on earth, and not to be under the authority of man, but only to have the Law of Nature for his rule." John Locke

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