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From the great Simon Ateba - New York City!

Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, to be precise - this, my friends, is the LUNATIC FRINGE

If you weren't aware of my comic book expertise, check out Vin’s Comic Talk: 🚡

I've re-posted a number of WordPress articles of note, but for you comic book aficionados, start with this one: When Will We See Jim Lee’s Wonder Woman?

A wee taste:

I’m a grown man, so I don’t read comics for the purposes of titillation. I have adult media for that. I will, however, admit to doing double-takes reading some of those old Jim Lee X-Men. Psylocke, especially…one thing I wasn’t sure of, is that when she went through the Body Shoppe and received the Asian body, did she retain the British accent? I’ve met Tera Patrick, you know…’nuff said on that, dear readers.

So…I’ve put out the idea, but as to whom to write it?

Gail Simone.

In the lead-up to Infinite Crisis, there were six series, and one was a breakout, in my humble opinion. That series was Villians United. Gail wrote the hell out of that book, and Dale Eaglesham kicked absolute ass, ably inked by Wade von Grawbadger. Val Semeiks and Prentis Rollins did a fair job on #3, when Dale fell behind due to illness. Of course, her work on Birds of Prey with Ed Benes and then Joe Bennett was outstanding, and no one has even come close to making them work as well as she did.

Blessings to Dr. Lorraine Day 🙏 NO FEAR, my dear - thanks to Jim OG Rizoli for the info