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⁣If we haven't figured it out yet Trump is not our Savior and He can not save our country by himself! Any more the GEORGE WASHINGTON WON THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR BY HIMSELF. He promised to give the power back to We The People who it rightfully belongs to! But it should be obvious to us all He can not give the power of the out of control government bureaucracy (Deep State) back to us. WE MUST TAKE IT BACK OR OUR KIDS WILL NEVER BE FREE! If we are unwilling to stand in the streets and demand out PUBLIC SERVANTS KEEP THEIR OATH AND NOT DICTATE BUT SERVE US! We are not the sort that can keep the republic our founders and so many after have bled and died for and the American Dream is dead! I will be at the capitol in Lincoln on D Day June 6th join me and make a statement to our elected official that you are still Americans! I just finished this song that expresses my thoughts and my heart on where we are!
That was a comment to a posting on - this has been my thought for quite some time, but I could never parse out the thought fully - this does as well as possible.
We all must work in concert to finish off the (((homosexual banking mafia)))'s stranglehold on our election infrastructure; after we do that, it's academic!
Congressman Mike Waltz of Florida hilariously roasts Rep. Eric Swalwell for his "China Penetration" remarks before going on to expose in detail exactly how the Biden family made millions of dollars from China. This clip is from a House Oversight Committee hearing on March 20, 2024.
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